Chito-Ryu in Sport Karate

This page is dedicated to Chito-Ryu athletes, coaches, referees, judges and Board members who are involved with tournaments and committees within Chito-Ryu, the Ontario Karate Federation and Karate Canada; representing our style provincially, nationally, and internationally.  Chito-Ryu has some amazingly talented individuals working hard in all facets of sport karate.


JUNE 2019

The CRAO participated in the recent 2019 CCRKA Bogu Cup in Gatineau, Quebec (June 27-June 30).

We were proud to send a team of athletes, referees, judges and coaches along to show support.  Not to forget of course, many of our senior Sensei and our Saiko Shihan; Higashi Sensei were in attendance to oversee the event, handout medals to deserving athletes and conduct training seminars.

It was reported to be a very positive tournament; representing the true spirit of Chito-Ryu karate-do and demonstrating our style’s highest value of ISSHIN.  Congratulations to all!!!

Take some time to review the incredible results of our athletes and the recent standings of our CCRKA referees.

Letter from our Ontario Coach:

This past weekend was the 3rd edition of the Bogu Cup, Canadian Chito Ryu Karate Do Championships. This prestigious competition is held only once every three years. The 2019 Bogu Cup took place in Gatineau Quebec from June 28 and 29th. Big thank you goes out to the Traditional Chito Ryu Association of Quebec for all of their hard work organizing this special event.
I would like to thank everyone who was involved in coaching or helping to prepare the Ontario athletes; Sensei Debbie Brooks, Sensei Martin Sisler, Sensei Andy Kovacs, Sensei Harvey Brown, Sempai Rob Segovia. Your hard work is much appreciated.  Big thank you to the CRAO for supplying T-shirts for all of the Ontario athletes. Special thank you to Sensei Debbie Brooks for arranging the T-shirts and Sensei Bill Moran for delivering them to the venue. This was a very kind gesture that was appreciated by all.
32 Ontario Chito Ryu competitors picked up 36 medals, 5 Gold, 9 Silver, and 22 Bronze. Congratulations to all the competitors everyone did an outstanding job. I look forward to seeing everyone back in action again at the next Bogu Cup.
Thank you to all the parents who supported this event. For many of the children it was the first time competing on a National stage. Thank you for providing this opportunity for your children to learn and grow. Congratulations.
Sincerely – Ed Docherty (Ontario Chito Ryu Head Coach)

2019 Bogu Cup Tournament results:


Gavin Segovia Gold

Nicholas Jiang Gold

Nayan Lachmansingh Silver

Rene Richards Silver

Alyssa Tran Silver

Hiro Higashimura Silver

Midun Ganeshalingam Silver

Mikko Valjakka Bronze

Brennan Docherty Bronze

Shane Hensley Bronze

Zachary Newcomb Bronze

Gage Madill Bronze

Kate Tulk Bronze

Julia Tulk Bronze

Logan Payan Bronze

Jackson Fury Bronze

Georgia Fury Bronze

Rahito Garcia Silver

Vilmas Dabos Silver


Gabe Smith Gold

Kate Tulk Gold

Julia Tulk Gold

Nicholas Jiang Silver

Rene Richards Silver

Alyssa Tran Silver

Meco Dritan Rihito Silver

Kiril Tytarenko Bronze

Brennan Docherty Bronze

Ayden Braganca Bronze

Nayan Lachmansingh Bronze

Richard Kukura Bronze

Gage Madill Bronze

Zachary Newcomb Bronze

Emett Bulley Bronze

Jaxson Fury Bronze

Georgia Fury Bronze

Logan Payan Bronze

Katia Zakkis Bronze

Vilmas Dabos Bronze

2019 CCRKA Referee rankings:

Referee Committee
Canadian Chito Ryu Karate-Do Association
David Chong Committee Chair ON
Don Mazerolle Committee Member NB
Rupert Joshi Committee Member AB
Marcel Guitard Committee Member QC
Referee Certification:

2019 CCRKA BOGU CUP – Gatineau, QC

Name Certification # Kata Kumite Province
Don Lawson #037 A A ON
Dave McCulloch #038 A A ON
Dany Simard #039 A A QC
Lyne Laroche #40 A A QC
Steven Cryans #41 A A QC
Jordan Mahar #42 A A NS
Jean Quevillon #43 A A QC
Harvey Hiob #44 B B AB
Chad Durocher #45 B B QC
Noel Blais #46 B C QC
Louis-France Lemieux #47 B C QC
Carole Samson #48 C C QC
Shelley Fyfe #49 C C NS
Marc Richard #50 C C QC
Kathy Leblanc #51 C C QC
Noel Francisco #52 C C ON
Laurence Morin #53 C C QC
Martin Gregoire #54 C C QC
Robert Williams #55 C C ON
Referee of Tournament Award:

Lyne Laroche (QC)

APRIL 2019

The CRAO hosted another successful and smoothly organized event on April 28, 2019 and the second recipient of the George H.C. Docherty cup was presented to a well-deserved competitor!  Ms. Rita Zheng from the Honbu dojo demonstrated courage and fortitude during her event and was named the 2019 Cup winner!  Well done Rita!  We hope you all enjoy a few photos from this great event!


Sensei Donald Lawson is now a level “A” certified Referee for kata and kumite!  This is the highest provincial certification achievable for an Ontario Karate Federation Referee!  Well done Sensei Lawson.  On a side note; earlier this month, Sensei Lawson successfully tested for his 4th Dan at the Canadian Chito-Ryu advanced grading in Toronto.  Thank you Sensei for representing Chito-Ryu in the Ontario Karate Federation.




















Sensei Edward Docherty (and family) along with the CRAO, were very honoured to make possible the “George H.C. Docherty Cup for Sportsmanship“.  A perpetual, Ontario Chito-Ryu award, given to an athlete who shows outstanding sportsmanship, courage, determination and character excellence in their participation in sport karate.  The inaugural award recipient; HIRO HIGASHIMURA was announced at the end of the CRAO fall tournament and the plaque was presented to his dojo head; Sensei Harvey Brown at the 2018 CCRKA AGM.  It was a true honour to see the memory of George Docherty be recognized in such a fashion.  The Cup will call the Honbu Dojo its home.

Some background information about Mr. George H.C. Docherty:












  • Began karate in 1985 under Sensei(s) Art & Lori Bellhouse after his son (Renshi Ed Docherty) began lessons
  • Was a former ruby champion in Scotland and loved the hard workouts karate offered
  • Was the Secretary of the Canadian Chito-Ryu Karatedo Association for over 20 years
  • Was a long-time Tournament Director for all Ontario Chito-Ryu tournaments
  • Was a 2nd Dan in Chito-Ryu karate
  • Had a passion for fairness, sportsmanship and the proper values demonstrated in sport karate and in life
  • Created a wonderful karate legacy and a family that all of us are proud to know and work with – domo arigato…















Sensei Harvey Brown receives award plaque and Cup from Sensei Ed Docherty at CCRKA AGM

Sensei Harvey Brown issues award plaque to Hiro Higashimura


On Sunday, October 28 the CRAO and its membership participated in the fall Chito-Ryu tournament.  Stand by for the results and some great photos!


JUNE 2018

We have all heard there is more to karate than we see within the four walls of our own respective dojos – so what is this “more”?

One incredibly rewarding and exhilarating aspect to this “more” is the world of sport karate.  Many of your fellow Chito-Ryu members and Sensei are working tirelessly year-round to improve the lives of all Ontario Chito-Ryu karate-ka through their roles within the sport karate world.

Athletes compete in highly competitive tournaments; training year-round for a chance to represent team Ontario.  From there, coaches and athletes travel across Canada and even the globe to represent Chito-Ryu in the sport karate arena.  No easy feat!

Further to the athletes and coaches there are key individuals working behind the scenes; taking part in Boards, Associations and Refereeing to help govern the world of sport karate and make sure honour is upheld.

We salute all our Ontario Chito-Ryu members involved in sport karate – well done and thank you for all you do!
ICKF dojo (Sensei Ed Docherty)

(L-R) Navin Kangal (kumite competition) and Gage Madill (kumite competition), Ed Docherty (head coach, absent)


  Burlington Chito-Ryu Karate Club (Sensei Debbie Brooks)

(L-R) Don Lawson (refereeing), Debbie Brooks (dojo head), Peter Melanson (sport karate association member)


Richmond Hill Karate & Fitness (Sensei Romualdo Ferri & Sensei James Ferri)

(L-R) Aiden Gimpel (kata competition), Martin Sisler (coaching), David McCulloch (coaching), Charles Banfield (coaching), James Ferri (head coach, absent)


  As you can see these guys know “family” stick together!

Chito-Ryu strong at 2018 Karate Canada Championships in Nova Scotia in March

(L-R) Navin Kangal, Aiden Gimpel and Gage Madill

Way to go guys!!!