CRAO Technical Committee

Romualdo Ferri  (7th Dan, Kyoshi)  Chair

Sensei Ferri began his training in Chito-Ryu Karate in 1970, over 49 years ago and is the Chief Instructor at Richmond Hill Karate & Fitness celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018.  In addition to Chairing the Ontario Chito-Ryu Technical Committee; Sensei Ferri is also the Chair of the Technical Committee for the Canadian Chito-Ryu Karate-Do Association and the recently formed, World Chito-Ryu Karate-Do Federation.  Sensei Ferri was asked to sit as the Chito-Ryu Technical Representative on the recently formed Ontario Karate Federation Technical Committee.

Sensei Ferri successfully graded for the rank of 7th Dan in 2015 and was honoured to receive the title of Kyoshi (along with four of his peers) from Higashi Sensei.

To help further legitimize Chito-Ryu karate-do, Sensei Ferri (along with Sensei Chris Golz and Sensei Germain Bisson) successfully tested for their 7th Dan with Karate Canada in 2016; allowing for their Chito-Ryu rank to be recognized world-wide in all WKF affiliated styles.





Art Bellhouse  (5th Dan, Renshi)  Member

For over 56 years, Sensei Bellhouse has been studying traditional Chito-Ryu Karate Do as a student of Sensei Higashi.  Sensei Bellhouse has been involved in every aspect of karate; he was a former competitor, a coach for the Karate Ontario women’s team kumite in 1986, a referee in both Karate Ontario tournaments as well as Chito-Ryu bogu competitions (including the Soke Cup). In addition, Sensei has also served as the Chito-Ryu Association Treasurer, Technical Advisor to Karate Ontario for  Chito-Ryu and was involved in the development of Chito-Ryu in Nova Scotia, as well as Scotland.

Sensei Bellhouse was among the first wave of Canadians to achieve the title of Shihan (master instructor), as well as being among the first group of Canadians to achieve the title of Renshi (refined gentleman).  Sensei Bellhouse has been involved with the Ontario Yudansha Seminar program since its inception and has been a member of the Ontario Chito-Ryu technical committee since its formation.  As Sensei Bellhouse began his training in the 1960’s he has had the opportunity to attend seminars with every Chito-Ryu master that has visited Canada including O Sensei (Dr. Tsuyoshi Chitose).


David Chong  (6th Dan, Renshi)  Member

Sensei Chong started karate in January 1973 and has been practicing karate for over 45 years.  He obtained his Chito-Ryu Shihan in Japan in 2001 and 5th Dan in 2005.  Sensei Chong was the children’s class instructor at Higashi School of Karate from 1980 to 1993 and the founder and Chief Instructor of Guildwood Chito Kai celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2018.  Many of his students have been KOA, National and International champions.  Sensei Chong was a certified referee of Karate Ontario (KOA) and Karate Canada.  He retired in 2008 after refereeing at those competitions for over 30 years.

Sensei Chong was a past member of both the Technical Committee and Executive for KOA and a past 1st Vice President of NKA (now Karate Canada). Sensei Chong is a member of the Technical Committee of both Ontario Chito-Ryu and Canadian Chito-Ryu.  Sensei Chong is also the liaison for the Technical Committee of Karate Canada.


James Hart  (5th Dan, Renshi)  Member

Sensei Hart started his karate training with Higashi Sensei over 55 years ago in July, 1964 and is one of the longest practising Chito-Ryu karate-ka in Canada.

Along with Sensei Noel Francisco (5th Dan, Renshi) Sensei Hart has retired as co-head of the UTSC Karate Club after 54 years of teaching.

In addition to his extensive karate background, Sensei Hart enjoys practising Qi Gong (Chinese holistic exercise and martial art) and holds the rank of 1st Dan in Ryukyu Kobujutsu (traditional Okinawan weapons martial art).