CRAO Mission Statement

CRAO Mission Statement:

To develop and promote Chito-Ryu karate-do within the province of Ontario in an environment that fosters communication, integrity, co-operation and a steadfast dedication to the standards and spirit of the style.

CRAO Objectives:

  • Work with/for the Ontario Technical Committee to support their vision for preserving and protecting Chito-Ryu karate-do
  • Work with/for the Ontario dojo heads to support their efforts to teach Chito-Ryu karate-do and retain/grow membership
  • Work with/for other provincial organizations, our national organization (CCRKA) and our international organization (WCRKF) in the promotion of Chito Ryu karate-do events
  • Promote Chito-Ryu karate-do as an enjoyable and healthy activity for persons of all ages
  • Communicate with provincial membership and keep all parties informed of the Chito-Ryu calendar of events
  • Organize and facilitate provincial tournaments
  • Promote the Yudansha seminars within Ontario
  • Facilitate and administrate the Yudansha Evaluation and Grading process